CNHT , an authoritative expert in electromagnetic pump application scheme


The technical team of Huaxing Hengtai has been engaged in the research of electromagnetic water pump for 13 years, and has rich experience in the design and application of steam products. It is a company that understands and cares about the application of product technology in the electromagnetic water pump industry.


Huaxing Hengtai is not only a supplier of high-quality electromagnetic pumps, but also an authoritative expert in electromagnetic pump application solutions. It has a deeper understanding of customers' needs and expectations. With professional knowledge, it can "customize" effective application solutions for customers alone, or design more practical, effective, economical and reasonable products. At the same time, Huaxing Hengtai will respond to the actual needs of customers' products, develop reasonable product specifications, and recommend customers to fully consider effective functions, Rationality of balancing the requirements of effective quality with economic costs, and scientific unity of value and function.


At present, with the market demand, the company's scale continues to expand. The company has planned and expanded its product line, established and improved a sound management, research and development, production, quality inspection, marketing, service system, and the supply of electromagnetic water pump and solenoid valve products. It provides customers with professional PCB board and electronic accessories services. The company's development speed, production scale, sales revenue, etc. have taken the lead in the same industry in China.


At present, the company has several assembly production lines; The daily production capacity has reached a considerable scale level, equipped with world advanced R&D, production, testing equipment and design software, and gathered a group of professional development senior talents with rigorous and new design, scientific and reasonable, stable and reliable quality, advanced concept and reasonable cost, as well as the cooperation and assistance of electronic, mechanical and other professionals.

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