CNHT - How to ensure high-quality electromagnetic water pump


1. During product development

According to customer requirements+Hengtai industry experience, formulate valuable design schemes to produce product specifications that meet customer requirements and reasonable tolerance requirements

2.During product design

Fully consider and apply quality means and methods such as FMEA (potential failure mode and effect analysis) and DOE (test design).

3. Select and cultivate appropriate suppliers (solve problems and grow together with suppliers)


4. Quality control of incoming materials and production process

A. Control the quality during the supplier's manufacturing process, and require the key incoming materials to be delivered by the supplier

It has been guaranteed to be fully qualified before the factory;

B. IQC performs incoming inspection, and unqualified products will not be put on the production line;

C. The production line shall formulate a comprehensive and reasonable inspection plan to ensure that each product is qualified;

D. All key processes are tested and recorded for SPC analysis and PDCA improvement;

E. QA finally conducts spot check according to AQL standard, and only qualified products leave the factory.

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