Common Common Sense Mistakes and Selection Guide of Micro Water Pump


Because of its small size, light weight, low noise and low power consumption, the micro pump has the advantages of DC power supply and is widely used in outdoor work, environmental protection, water treatment, scientific research laboratories and other fields. However, the entire micro pump industry is a relatively new industry because of its decades of development. Compared with the hundreds of miles of history of large pumps, the development time is not long. Therefore, the purchase or users of micro pumps are prone to common sense mistakes. Therefore, I briefly describe common common sense mistakes of micro water pump.


Common Common Sense Mistakes of Three Common Micro Pumps

Error 1: Wrong pronunciation of "pump" of micro water pump

You should read "bang" instead of "gong" or "bang" in the local dialect of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan.

Error 2: Error creating "pump" for micro water

In order that a few young users or dealers often use the pump as a pump, they are actually completely wrong. "Pump" originates from ancient Chinese hieroglyphs. It throws stones into water to extract water. In modern times, it converts biographies, compressed air, etc. into mechanical energy to make water move, rise, pressurize and other micro devices known as "micro pump". "Mercury" is a scientific name of a chemical element, and they are completely different.

3. Error 3: The micro water pump can only pull out water, and it is also a mistake not to pull out other liquids.

The micro pump is called the pump, which is the "main" working medium and the object is water. Then, can other liquids be pumped out? For example, a small pump with a maximum lift of 5 meters is ". It can extract particles, oil, and non corrosive solutions." That is, as long as there are no impurities, particles, oil, oil, and corrosivity in the extracted liquid, the micro pump can pump normally.

The following is a guide to the selection of micro pumps

First, the flow is required to be large (about 4~20 L/min), the pressure is not required to be high (about 1~3 kg), the water circulation, water sampling, rising, etc. are required to be low noise, long life, mainly used for high self inhalers, etc.

Second, the flow requirement is not high (about 1~5 liters/minute), but the pressure is high (about 2~11 kilograms). It is mainly used for spray, pressurization, car washing, etc. Under the condition of high pressure or heavy load, ASP, HSP, etc. can be selected without working for a long time.

Third, it is used for tea table pumping, spray, etc. The required volume is as small as possible, the flow requirement is small, and the noise is low (about 0.1~3 L/min). ASP series is optional.



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