CNHT micro pump_ Four methods to prolong the service life of micro pump


No matter what products are used for a long time, they will have some minor faults. Each product has its own service life. Once the service life is reached, there will be various damages. Naturally, the same is true of CNHT micropumps. Extending the service life of CNHT micropumps is a top priority. How can we extend the service life of micropumps? You can see the following methods.

Methods to prolong the service life of CNHT micropump:

1. Reduce various corrosion effects

The metal surface of the CNHT micro pump is damaged due to chemical or electrochemical action with the surrounding medium. Such corrosion will not only affect the normal operation of the mechanical surface equipment, but also affect the internal parts of the micro pump.

2. Reduce the impact of impurities in the working environment

For the construction machinery working in the harsh environment and messy conditions, first, use high-quality and matched parts and components, lubricating oil and grease to block the source of harmful impurities; second, do a good job of mechanical protection at the work site to ensure that the corresponding organizations can work normally to prevent various impurities from entering the machinery of CNHT micro pump; for the machinery with defects, try to repair at the standard repair site; when repairing at the site, Protective measures shall also be taken to prevent the parts replaced during on-site repair from being polluted by dust and other impurities before entering the machinery.

3. Ensure normal working load

The size and nature of the working load of the construction machinery have a major impact on the wear process of the micro pump. Generally speaking, the wear of the parts increases proportionally with the increase of the load. When the load accepted by the parts is higher than the uniform planning load, the wear will be aggravated. When other conditions are the same, the wear under the stable load is smaller than under the dynamic load, with fewer defects.

4. Reduce the impact of the surrounding environment

During the application of CNHT micropump, first, it is necessary to prevent overloading at low temperature, so that the machinery can move or work after reaching the specified temperature. Do not ignore its main role because there is no doubt at the moment, strictly control the temperature, and do not allow the machinery to work at high temperature. During the process of CNHT micropump, it is necessary to frequently check the values on various temperature gauges, stop the machine immediately for inspection if there is any doubt, and timely check and repair if there is any problem

The above is the way to extend the service life of CNHT micro pump. In addition, we can also make a judgment before purchasing, starting from the raw materials used and processing, hoping to help you to choose a better product.


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