Peristaltic pump: What are the composition and use precautions of peristaltic pump?


  Peristaltic pumpWhat are the composition and use precautions of? You know what? Today, let's get to know each other!

The peristaltic pump is generally composed of three parts: the driving peristaltic pump head, the peristaltic pump hose and the driver. After long-term use, try to replace the silicone hose or move the hose to the peristaltic pump head to avoid the fluid conveyed by the peristaltic pump head seeping into the corrosive liquid in the pump head drum. When using the peristaltic pump, please select the corresponding material inlet hose to avoid weathering or corrosion solidification after the pump enters the steam drum gap.

The pump head of peristaltic pump is composed of rotor and pump chamber. There is a coil between the wheel and the pump chamber. The two rollers are evenly spaced on the pump runner, squeezing the buckling from the wheel in the direction of the pump chamber. The liquid releases the pump by alternately squeezing and pumping the flexible delivery hose of the pump. As the pipe between the drum and the pump chamber is constantly squeezed, the pump pipe of the peristaltic pump needs to be replaced every 30 to 60 days.


Precautions for use of peristaltic pump:

Particles in similar condensate will shorten the overhaul interval of the peristaltic pump pipe. Therefore, the peristaltic pump in use should not only carry out daily preventive maintenance, but also ensure that leakage will not damage other equipment used for sample treatment.

When using the peristaltic pump, the peristaltic pump hose will be repeatedly squeezed by the peristaltic pump head. It is recommended to use a special peristaltic pump pipe when using the peristaltic pump head. The special peristaltic pump pipe has excellent compressive strength and rebound line, high wall thickness accuracy, standard shape, and high material purity.

The above is the composition and use precautions of the peristaltic pump introduced to you, and I hope it will be helpful to you!

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