Peristaltic pump: What is the principle and application field of peristaltic pump?


  Peristaltic pumpalso known as hose pump, is a reliable and simple transportation scheme, which can transport almost all fluids and is applicable to various industries and application fields.

Peristaltic pump can transport, inject or measure various fluids, including cosmetics emulsion, abrasive or sodium hypochlorite. Peristaltic pump can be widely used in chemical industry, wastewater treatment, food and beverage industries, with good flexibility. Used with variable speed motor, the pump flow can be adjusted according to the application needs, and the fluid can be accurately measured or divided


The pump core of peristaltic pump is an elastic hose carrying fluid, so there is almost no possibility of product pollution. The hoses made of various materials can meet the chemical compatibility requirements of various applications. The peristaltic pump is designed to be air driven, and the self-priming height can reach 9.8 meters. This product is a non mechanical seal structure, and does not use mechanical seals or stuffing boxes that may cause liquid leakage.

Peristaltic pump is easy to install and can be used without professional training. Peristaltic pumps do not require compressed air and do not rely on valves that may block. Suitable for abrasive fluid and shear sensitive fluid.

Working principle of peristaltic pump:

Two rollers are installed on the rotating shaft 180 ° diagonally to continuously squeeze the hose and suck the fluid. The feed end of the hose is squeezed into a vacuum to suck liquid into the hose. The material is continuously squeezed and sent to the outlet. The lubricating oil in the pump body helps to reduce friction, so that the pump body has stable working performance and low maintenance. The liquid only contacts the inner wall of the hose, so a variety of fluids can be pumped.

The above is the principle and application field of peristaltic pump introduced to you, and I hope it will be helpful to you!

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