Peristaltic pump: What is the advantage of peristaltic pump in the application of automatic water sampler?


   Peristaltic pump It is widely used in water quality automatic sampler. What are the advantages of peristaltic pump compared with other pumps? Here's a brief explanation.


1、 Advantages of peristaltic pump:

1. No cross contamination. The liquid of peristaltic pump only contacts the pump pipe during water sampling. This can not only effectively prevent pollution in the collection process, but also prevent corrosion and damage of corrosive water samples to the pump itself.

2. Simple and durable, the peristaltic pump has simple structure, low failure rate, and can work continuously for a long time. Conditions applicable to all walks of life and laboratories.

3. Easy to clean, simple replacement of pump pipe can work again. It is not necessary to conduct large-scale cleaning of itself, and interlocking tubes can be replaced to collect liquids of various components, greatly reducing the workload.

4. Wide scope of application - applicable to liquid, gas, two-phase flow and high occupancy. Because of this feature, there are many suitable sewage collection sites.

5. Low maintenance - no seals, no valves. Simplify the user's use and maintenance process, and perform maintenance tasks without professional knowledge or experts.

6. Good self absorption performance - non siphon, dry rotation and self absorption. It can realize long-distance water sample collection and transmission.

2、 Some characteristics of peristaltic pump

1. Pulse generation

For peristaltic pump, the pump needs to be released alternately, so at the moment of release, the liquid that is inhaled and discharged again suddenly decreases, resulting in the transmitted pulse. There are two methods to solve the pulse of peristaltic pump. One is to use double pump heads to install the wheel angle wrongly to naturally cancel the pulse. The second is the use of pulse resistors.

2. Is a fragile component

Since the pump of peristaltic pump needs to be continuously squeezed by the rotating wheel during operation, the pump pipe is easy to age, lose elasticity or damage during continuous operation. Generally, when the pump works continuously at the speed of 100 cycles/minute, the service life of ordinary silicon pump pipe is usually about 200 hours, and the service life of some imported thermoplastic elastomer pump pipes can reach more than 2000 hours. Therefore, when the pump pipe needs to start the peristaltic pump for a long time or rarely replace the pump pipe, the rotating speed of the peristaltic pump should be reduced as far as possible, or the peristaltic pump pipe with a longer service life should be selected.

3. The peristaltic pump pressure is actually not a disadvantage

It is often heard that some peristaltic pump enterprises say that the pressure generated by the peristaltic pump is low, or that the peristaltic pump cannot generate high pressure. In fact, this statement is not completely normal. In fact, through the specially designed and manufactured peristaltic pump, the pressure can reach more than 6 kg.

The above is what the advantages of peristaltic pump in the application of automatic water sampler are. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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