Peristaltic pump: What are the use scenarios and advantages of peristaltic pump?


Chemical industry is one of the important fields of national development, which has greatly promoted the development of industry, so the use of related equipment is also a major feature. These equipment can ensure the normal operation of other equipment and promote the operation of the whole machine. The peristaltic pump is one of the important equipment used in the food, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries. Today, we will introduce some knowledge about the peristaltic pump.

    1、Introduction of peristaltic pump

  Peristaltic pump is mainly composed of pump head, hose and driver. What is the main competitiveness of peristaltic pump in the market? The fluid can be isolated in the pump pipe, and the fluid can also be reversible and dry run. In addition, the replacement of the pump pipe can be carried out quickly and the maintenance cost is low.


  2、 Advantages of peristaltic pump

  The peristaltic pump has the following advantages: the peristaltic pump is used in a sanitary environment and will not cause pollution, because the fluid only contacts with the pump pipe and will not contact with the pump body; High precision, peristaltic pump is tested repeatedly before use; It has good sealing performance, good self-priming capacity, can idle and effectively prevent backflow; Because it has no valves and sealing parts, maintenance is very simple.

  3、Classification of peristaltic pumps

  Peristaltic pumps produced by peristaltic pump manufacturers can be classified according to different use methods and operations. In addition to the basic functions, the flow peristaltic pump also has other functions such as flow display, correction and communication.

  The above is the usage scenario and advantages of the peristaltic pump introduced to you. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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