Electromagnetic pump: What is the working principle of the electromagnetic pump


Electromagnetic pumpHow does it work? Today, let's get to know!



The principle of conductive electromagnetic pump is that when the conductor in the magnetic field passes through the current, the conductor will be pushed by the magnetic field, the three directions are perpendicular to each other, and the thrust is F=I × B × L。

The conductive electromagnetic pump has no rotating parts, which solves the wear problem of the mechanical pump and forms a maintenance free welding machine. However, in the process of conducting current when the high current electrode contacts with liquid metal, due to the adhesion and shielding effect of the oxide slag on the electrode, the peak value is unstable, even fluctuating, and the production cannot be stabilized. Nearly 50 such models imported from Switzerland in China have basically stopped production.

Principle of induction electromagnetic pump:

It adopts the principle of single-phase C-type split electromagnet. Due to the difference between the magnetic circuit of the inner and outer rings, the phase difference of the magnetic field of the inner and outer rings is generated, which forms the positive magnetic field component, that is, the positive magnetic field component points from the leading phase to the lagging phase. The liquid metal filler metal in the forward magnetic field component cuts the magnetic line of force, so it receives the forward induction force to pump the liquid metal filler metal.

As the phase difference is generated by magnetic circuit difference to form the positive magnetic field component, which is very limited, most of which are pulsating magnetic fields that do not generate positive thrust, it is difficult to produce wide peaks (300 mm~400 mm peak width) and super peaks (40 mm height) as shown in the figure.

Principle of three-phase asynchronous induction pump:

It not only solves the problem that the conductive current electrode of the conductive electromagnetic pump has unstable wave crest due to the shielding of oxide slag, but also has no rotating parts, no current converter, no maintenance, no wear, high efficiency, and can obtain high and strong wave crest and wide wave crest.

The principle of three-phase asynchronous induction pump is that three-phase power supply is distributed in space with 120 degree phase difference, forming their own magnetic fields. The synthetic magnetic field is a forward magnetic field, which cuts magnetic lines of force, induces current and forms forward electromagnetic force.

The above is what the working principle of the electromagnetic pump is, and I hope it will be helpful to you!

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