Electromagnetic pump: What is the function of the electromagnetic pump? What are the classifications?


    What is the function of the electromagnetic pump? What are the classifications? An electromagnetic pump is a pump in which charged fluid in the magnetic field flows in a certain direction under the action of electromagnetic force. The utility model relates to a device which uses the interaction of magnetic field and current in conductive fluid to make the fluid subject to electromagnetic force to generate pressure gradient, thereby promoting the fluid movement. In practice, it is often used to pump liquid metal, so it is also called liquid metal electromagnetic pump.



The electromagnetic pump has no mechanical moving parts, simple structure, good sealing performance, reliable operation and no shaft seal, so it is used to transport some toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, etc. Liquid metals (sodium or potassium, sodium potassium alloy) are transported in nuclear power plants as heat carriers, and molten non-ferrous metals are transported in casting production. The flow rate can reach 13000 m/h, the pressure can reach 1.7 MPa, and the temperature can reach 1200.

The electromagnetic pump can be divided into AC pump and DC pump according to the power supply form.

According to the current supply mode in liquid metal, it can be divided into conductive electromagnetic pump and inductive electromagnetic pump. The conductive electromagnetic pump adopts DC or AC. It has a tube made of non-magnetic refractory metal, surrounded by magnets, and the magnetic line of force is perpendicular to the tube. When the current perpendicular to the tube and magnetic line of force is introduced, according to the left hand rule, a mechanical force is generated to force the conductive fluid out of the tube. The conductive type is generally a small pump with low pressure and small flow. In the conductive electromagnetic pump, the current is directly transmitted to the liquid metal by the external power supply through the electrodes on both sides of the pump slot. In induction electromagnetic pump, multi-phase alternating current is used for induction. Current is induced by an alternating magnetic field. The newer induction electromagnetic pump is linear induction

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