The relationship between the quality of kitchen cooking machine and its vacuum pump


The kitchen cooking machine is a regular cooking product in the kitchen. The kitchen cooking machine is a household appliance that combines soybean milk, dried powder, juice, ice and stuffing. A good cooking machine cannot be separated from a good vacuum pump. The performance standards of the cooking machine products on the market are divided into six categories: juice yield, noise index, stability, ease of use, flying slag, and cup body material. The quality of vacuum pump directly affects the quality of products. So how to choose a good vacuum pump for the cooking machine?


Huaxing Hengtai is a professional provider of electromagnetic water pump, solenoid valve and related product application solutions, and a national high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing and marketing functions. The main types of products are: micro water pumps, micro air pumps, oil pumps, solenoid valves, peristaltic pumps, etc. The products are widely used in beverage machines, floor care, steam irons, rice cookers, food processing, environmental treatment, and industrial equipment. At present, the popular products include CNHT micro pumps, vacuum pumps for cooking machines, micro pumps for sweepers, steam iron pumps, coffee machine pumps, micro diaphragm pumps, motor diaphragm pumps, micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pumps, motor diaphragm pumps, micro electromagnetic pumps, micro air pumps, micro water pumps, solenoid valves and peristaltic pumps.


The vacuum pump of the cooking machine is small and refined. We are committed to improving and building core competitiveness with details. The vacuum pump of the cooking machine is a brand worthy of your trust, Huaxing Hengtai. We have become the supplier of pump valve application solutions for many well-known household appliances brands in the world.

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