Selection of electromagnetic water pump


Pumped solution

It is required to have self-priming capacity and have requirements for flow and output pressure.

Note: If the working medium to be pumped is water, non oily liquid and other solutions (no solid particles), self-priming function, the following pumps can be selected:

1. The flow requirement is large (about 4~20 L/min), the pressure requirement is not high (about 1~3 kg). If it is required to be used for water circulation, water sampling, lifting, etc., with low noise, long life, high self suction range, etc., BSP, CSP and other series can be selected;

2. The flow requirement is not high (about 1-5 L/min), but the pressure is high (about 2-11 kg).

3. It is used for tea table water pumping, kungfu tea water pumping, spray, etc. It is required that the volume should be as small as possible, the flow should be small, and the noise should be low (about 0.1~3 L/min). PHW, ASP and other series can be selected.

Pumping steam body

Focus on volume, noise, continuous use and other performance

Note: It is required that the pump can be used for both water and steam, can run dry for a long time, and will not damage the pump; 24-hour continuous operation; The volume is small and the noise is low, but the requirements for flow and pressure are not high.

1. Use a micro pump to pump air or vacuum, but sometimes liquid water will enter the pump chamber.

2. It is required that the micro pump can pump both air and water.

3. Use a micro pump to pump water, but sometimes the pump may not have water to pump, and it is in a "dry running" state.

Some traditional pumps fear "dry running", which may even damage the pump. PHW series products are essentially a kind of composite function pump.

4. The micro pump is mainly used to pump water, but it is not expected to add "water diversion" manually before pumping (some pumps need to add some "water diversion" manually before working, so that the pump can pump water from the lower part, otherwise the pump cannot pump water or even be damaged), that is, the pump is expected to have the "self-priming" function. At this time, the advantages of PHW series products lie in.

PHW series can be selected for the above applications.

Flow requirements

The medium contains a small amount of oil, solid particles, residues, etc. Note: In the media to be pumped

1. It contains soft solid particles with a diameter of less than 31mm (such as hair, fish feces, sewage sludge, residue, etc.) and can be cut into smaller particles, but the viscosity cannot be too large!

2. The working medium is allowed to contain a small amount of oil (such as a small amount of oil floating on the dirty water), but not all oil!

3. Where the flow requirement is large and self suction function is not required.

When the above applications are available, FSP super large flow series can be selected.

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