What skills do you need to choose a micro pump?


    When we buy what we need, we often do not need to choose what the public thinks is the best. Just choose what you think is most appropriate. For example, when purchasing micro pumps, we must choose the type we most need according to different situations.


The micro pump can absorb water without attracting water, which means that the pump has the function of self absorption. Extractable water and liquid (solution) are suitable for liquid transfer, elevator, cleaning, spray, cleaning, irrigation and other occasions. If there is air in the amniotic fluid pipe of the pump, the negative pressure (vacuum) formed when the pump works is due to the effect of air pressure to increase the water pressure lower than the amniotic fluid pipe and discharge from the drainage end of the pump. This process does not need to add "water switching (water for guiding)". The small pump with such self absorption capacity is called "micro self absorption pump". Abbreviation: The principle of "micro suction pump" is similar to that of micro vacuum pump.

At present, the micro water pump is differentiated according to the power requirements of the auxiliary motor. The motor that needs three-phase power supply has a voltage of 380V. For motors that need single-phase power supply, the voltage is 220V. Pay attention when purchasing. The power supply equipment for ordinary household lighting is 220V, and the micro pump of 220V power supply equipment is economical and convenient.

The flow of the pump shall be selected according to the water demand, water source conditions and usage of the user's courtyard planting, western food, processing and living. If the water source is sufficient, the model specification of the pump shall be determined mainly according to the maximum demand.

When selecting the pump lift, the lift of the selected pump nameplate must be greater than the actual water delivery height. Generally speaking, it is about 20% higher than the actual lift. Similarly, the pump absorption elevator (allowable vacuum height) must also be larger than the actual absorption elevator, otherwise the pump will be difficult to pump water.

If the water source is well water, the coordination between the inner diameter of the well and the maximum outer diameter of the pump should also be considered. When selecting WQ series micro water pump, the maximum outer diameter of the pump must be less than the inner diameter of the well. Otherwise, it cannot be installed in the well. When selecting WXB series micro pump, the feasibility scheme of well assembly (direct Daegu pump, original wiring pump, water pump, etc.) shall be considered.

The viscosity of micropump oil is one of the important factors to exert the performance of vacuum pump. The viscosity of liquid is the liquid flow resistance or the internal friction of liquid. Therefore, the higher the viscosity, the greater the resistance to various moving parts. But the viscosity is too small, the sealing performance of the pump is poor, and the gas leakage and vacuum state are poor. Therefore, the micro pump is very important for the selection of lubricating oil.

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