Shenzhen Motor Diaphragm Pump Supplier: What are the advantages of micro air pump


With the continuous development of industrialization, micro air pumps are now more and more widely used. Next, the Shenzhen motor diaphragm pump supplier will introduce to you the advantages of the micro air pump.

Generally, micro air pumps can be seen in medical and health care, scientific research, laboratories, environmental protection, instrumentation, chemical industry and other industries. The most widely used micro air pump mainly refers to the micro vacuum pump.

Compared with the ordinary air pump, the micro air pump has the following advantages:

1. Small size, low noise, low heat generation, low power consumption and easy operation.

2. It is convenient to carry, maintenance free and can work continuously for 24 hours.

3. It can also be rich in water vapor.

4. As it is dry and oil-free, vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil is not required during use, so it will not pollute the working medium, nor interfere with the analysis of the medium.

5. The price is much cheaper than the ordinary air pump.

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