Shenzhen Motor Diaphragm Pump Supplier: What fields are micro air pumps generally used in?


The micro air pump is usually a gaseous medium with small size. They are mainly used for gas sampling, gas circulation, vacuum adsorption, vacuum maintenance, pumping, pumping and pressurization.

From a practical point of view, micro air pump can be divided into: micro vacuum pump, micro positive pressure pump.

From the working principle, the micro air pump is divided into: diaphragm type, electromagnetic type, impeller type and piston type.

General medical and health, scientific research, laboratory, environmental protection, instrumentation, chemical industry, beauty, small household appliances and other industries.

What are the advantages of using a micro air pump?

Compared with the large vacuum pump, the micro air pump is small in size, low in noise, low in power consumption, easy to operate, easy to carry and maintenance free. Most importantly, because it is dry, oil-free and does not require vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil, it will not pollute the working medium, will not interfere with the analysis of the medium, and the price is relatively cheap.

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