Advantages and Disadvantages of Sweeper Miniature Pump


The sweeping machine refers to the sweeping robot, which is a new product in recent years. In the near future, it will become an indispensable cleaning helper for every family like white household appliances. Of course, it cannot be done now. In the future, the product will also develop from primary intelligence to a higher degree of intelligence, gradually replacing manual cleaning. The micro pump of the sweeping machine is very important for the sweeping machine, And let's understand the advantages and disadvantages of the mini pump of the sweeper.

    With the continuous improvement of China's domestic living standard and the continuous development and progress of the society, the floor sweeping robot that has been sold in the European and American markets has entered the homes of ordinary people. The original high-end product has been accepted by more and more people. The home floor sweeping body is a wireless machine, which uses rechargeable batteries to operate. The operation mode is remote control or the operating panel on the machine, or the operating handle.


Generally, it can set a time to make an appointment for cleaning, self charging, or it needs to be powered on manually, and it can be confused that there are sensors in front of it, which can detect obstacles. If it meets walls or other obstacles, it will turn by itself, which is very intelligent. It takes different routes according to the settings of different manufacturers, and has planned cleaning areas. Because of its simple operation function and convenience, it has gradually become popular, It is accepted by more and more people and becomes the common household appliances for office workers or modern families.

    With the development of science and technology, robot technology is becoming more and more mature, so each brand has different research and development directions, different research and development directions, and different designs. For example, a series of vacuum cleaners, such as double vacuum lids, hand-held vacuum cleaners, can also have functions such as putting fragrant flowers, or sterilizing with light touch media.


  In addition, in the micro pump of the sweeper, the micro pump needs to pump water or solution, and must have self-priming capacity, so that suction can be generated, and the flow and output pressure are required, so that it can be used to clean all kinds of dust and impurities. It uses the lifting V brush floating cleaning, which can better fit the brush system to the ground environment for cleaning. Relatively speaking, the electrostatic adsorption dust cleaning is more effective, And the cleaning can be quieter. The entire V brush system can automatically rise and fall, and form a vacuum negative pressure in the triangle area to absorb impurities.

    This cleaning method of the sweeper with the sweeper micro pump is useful for the floating dust on the ground, but it is not enough for some large impurities, such as the dust accumulated under the table for a long time and the dust absorbed by static electricity

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