What are the methods to deal with the abnormal noise of the mini pump of the sweeper?


The floor sweeper with the micro pump of the floor sweeper can clean water or gas, and has small volume, low abnormal sound, continuous use and other properties, which is very easy to use. Moreover, the sound generated by the floor sweeper with the micro pump is far lower than that generated by the general floor sweeper. So let's introduce the abnormal sound treatment of the micro pump of the floor sweeper.

You must know that other floor sweepers generate abnormal noise. I won't mention it. Diaphragm pump is a machine that uses the motor to drive the membrane to and fro to generate vacuum, generate negative pressure, and then inhale and press the fluid, to clean up water and dust. Moreover, the micro pump has high efficiency, the operating mechanism is completely isolated from the transmission medium, and it is non dynamic sealing, reliable, light in weight, and does not need lubrication and maintenance, A series of advantages such as low abnormal noise


The micro water pump can work after starting., This is also the way to work on the floor sweeper. It can not only clean the water sprinkled on the ground, but also clean the dust on the ground. The suction is relatively large, and the cleaning is relatively clean. The advantages of micro pump make it widely used in the instrument industry, especially in the sweeper.

The micro pump of the earth suction machine does indeed produce some abnormal sound, hydrodynamic abnormal sound, mechanical abnormal sound of mechanical moving parts and motor sound. These three parts will have some conditions. The hydrodynamic abnormal sound is due to the continuous generated fluid pressure pulse when the micro pump is working, which will have an impact and stimulate the vibration of pump body, valves, pipes and other parts to radiate sound to the outside world.

  Through the research of some researchers, it is found that hydrodynamic noise is the most important abnormal sound of the micro pump, which belongs to the middle and low frequency abnormal sound, but also disturbing people,

 When the micro vacuum air pump inspires air or cleans dust, the air inlet valve is opened and the air outlet valve is closed. The air is sucked into the pump chamber, generating negative pressure. The air is radiated from the air inlet in the form of sound waves, forming the air inlet sound channel, which produces some abnormal sounds. This is a broadband continuous spectrum. In addition, there are high-frequency harmonics, and the noise is greater. When exhausting, the air inlet valve is closed, the air flow rapidly flows through the outlet, the air expands, and the air flow rapidly flows to the outlet to generate sound waves, forming an abnormal sound at the outlet. This is why the abnormal noise is formed. It is precisely because of the sound solution that the mini pump of the sweeper is so popular.

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