Key points for attention when using micro diaphragm pumps


   The micro diaphragm pump is highly praised by the relevant people in the industry because of its wide range of functions and efficiency. However, due to the lack of popularity of the place of use, the public does not particularly understand this. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the precautions when using the micro diaphragm pump to experts.



The micro diaphragm pump is a diaphragm type micro pump, which is defined as a motor+pump body, with one in and one out two interfaces on the pump body. The water enters from the water inlet and exits from the water outlet, so the structure is in this form, and the small and compact pump is called a micro water pump. The working principle is as follows:

The circular movement of the motor makes the diaphragm inside the pump reciprocating through the mechanism, compresses and stretches the air in the pump chamber (fixed volume), and forms the positive pressure in the water inlet under the action of the one-way valve (the actual output pressure is related to the resistance received by the pump water inlet and the pump characteristics). The water inlet of the pump water inlet is discharged from the water inlet due to the pressure difference. Under the action of kinetic energy transmitted by the motor, water is continuously sucked in and discharged to form a relatively stable flow.

Precautions when using micro diaphragm water pump.

First, make sure to activate with the load.

Before the micro diaphragm pump starts, if there is vacuum at the air inlet or pressure at the air outlet, another technical parameter of the pump needs to be considered. For pump performance, the micro diaphragm pump that can be started when the machine reaches the limit vacuum degree or the maximum output pressure can be selected according to needs.

Second, pay attention to the medium temperature.

Those who do not use or observe will certainly not know. When selecting the micro diaphragm pump, the temperature of the medium gas passing through the pump should also be considered, that is, the general type or high temperature type should be selected.

Third, pay attention to electromagnetic interference.

When using the micro diaphragm pump, some scientific instruments will have a certain degree of circuit interference due to the precise circuit micro pump control. If the anti-interference ability of the circuit is too weak, it is necessary to consider whether to order a micro diaphragm pump with low electromagnetic interference ability to run the project. Otherwise, the interference ability is too strong to obtain accurate data of some important activities.

The above contents are the suggestions made by Xiao Bian for the precautions of using micro diaphragm pumps. As a universal but unpopular instrument, ordinary people do not realize its importance. However, experts must clearly select the appropriate micro diaphragm pump, which plays an important role in the implementation of the entire experiment or project. Any instrument is the same.

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