Advantages of micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump


After a brief understanding of the definition, working mechanism and precautions of the micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump, I wonder if you want to know its specific working principle and its advantages. I hope my description below can give you a deeper understanding of the micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump in your mind!

As we all know, the micro water pump moves back and forth through the diaphragm in the water pump to provide energy and thus generate pressure. Booster pump can use large area of low-pressure gas to drive small area of piston to produce high-pressure gas. It can be used to compress air and other gases. The booster pump generally has two pumps, so that the double acting pump piston can achieve double efficiency in the process of round-trip, thus obtaining greater input flow.


What are the advantages of this pump? The first is simple maintenance. What do you mean? It is easier to take care of it. It can keep its original working state without too complicated maintenance procedures, which is of course very reassuring. This advantage is due to less parts and seals, and because of simple maintenance, it also has the characteristics of low cost. The second advantage is that it has a high cost performance ratio. Because of its high output and low cost, it has a very high cost performance ratio and can easily be liked by customers. The third point is strong adjustability. How can this be reflected? The output pressure and flow of the micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump are precisely regulated by the pressure regulation of the driven gas. This advantage is incomparable to other pumps. The fourth point is that I want to emphasize particularly. The material used for the booster micro pump is very good. The material of its high-pressure part is made of hard aluminum alloy. The high-pressure plunger is made of stainless steel and also adopts a double sealing method. For the key parts of the micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump, we can decide the material and make the selection according to its medium, which is not fixed. So its flexibility just shows its high quality!

The micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump is driven by a variety of gases, such as compressed air, nitrogen, steam, etc.

Through my detailed explanation, I believe you have fully mastered the working principle and advantages of the micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump.

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