Features and advantages of coffee machine water pump


Today, Xiao Bian will mainly talk about the "features and advantages of the coffee machine pump".


Then, Xiaobian will introduce some important features of the coffee machine water pump.


Important features 1: generally speaking, the design of the coffee machine water pump will be relatively compact, and at the same time, there will be a quiet and powerful brushless motor to adapt to the continuous work for a long time;




Important feature 2: The coffee machine water pump has an efficient ECM brushless motor, and its service life can even reach more than 20000 hours;

Important feature 3: The coffee machine water pump is designed with advanced magnetic drive technology, which can achieve static sealing and never leak;

Important feature 4: Efficient and dynamically balanced impeller can make the coffee machine more smooth and quiet to complete relevant operations;

Important feature 5: unique design of coffee machine water pump. The coffee machine water pump has only one running part (the magnetic drive rotor/impeller rotates in a ceramic bearing), so it can extend the service life of the coffee machine, and even greatly exceed the standard of ordinary pumps on the market.

Important feature 6: It also uses food grade materials, and can withstand the high temperature of 100 ℃, and the heat-resistant materials also meet the needs of China's food or beverage industry.

Next, Xiaobian will explain some important advantages of the coffee machine water pump.

First, it has a long service life, low noise (up to 25dB or less), and can also be used for hot water circulation.

Second, the stator and circuit board of the motor are mainly sealed with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor. Therefore, it can not only be installed underwater, but also completely waterproof.

Third, the axis of the coffee machine pump is a high-performance ceramic shaft, which is not only of high precision, but also of good seismic resistance.

Fourth, it is highly efficient and can work 24 hours without interruption.

Fifth, low operating voltage (low power consumption), safe and environmentally friendly.

6. Stable performance, fast operation, simple operation, and even direct power supply through DC power supply, large solar panel and battery, which has been widely used in food industry.

Well, that's all for the relevant knowledge about the "features and advantages of the coffee machine pump" that the small editor explained to you today


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