What are the functions of the micro air pump? How does the micro air pump work?


  The micro air pump is small in size and its working medium is mainly gas. It is mainly used for gas collection, gas circulation, vacuum adsorption, vacuum pressure maintaining, air pumping, pumping, pressurization, etc. The common micro air pump has two ports: inlet and outlet. At the inlet, a "negative pressure" lower than the normal pressure (i.e. atmospheric pressure) can be generated, and at the outlet, a "positive pressure" higher than the normal pressure can be generated. As is often said, the vacuum pump belongs to a negative pressure pump, while the booster pump belongs to a positive pressure pump.


The negative pressure pump is quite different from the positive pressure pump in function and main use. As far as the gas flow direction is concerned, the negative pressure pump sucks the external gas into the air extraction nozzle, and the positive pressure pump sprays from the air extraction nozzle; In terms of gas flow direction, the air pressure of the general "negative pressure pump" is much lower than that of the "positive pressure pump"; From the perspective of application, "negative pressure pump" is mainly used in situations requiring vacuum (negative pressure), such as air extraction, gas analysis, gas circulation, gas sampling, vacuum adsorption, indirect water absorption, etc; The "positive pressure pump" is mainly used as the power of the pump to transport gas, pressurize the closed container, inflate and pump air, and indirectly pressurize water. Both can be used in medical, scientific research, environmental protection, instruments, control and other fields, but their functions are different and their uses are also different.


To be exact, there is also a positive pressure at the exhaust end of the "negative pressure pump", which is only a slight positive pressure, much smaller than the output pressure of the "positive pressure pump". Similarly, there is also a slight negative pressure at the air extraction end of the "positive pressure pump", so that the air extraction can be completed.


Sometimes, because of the need of work, we need to adjust the output pressure of the air pump. At this time, we need to choose a micro air pump with adjustable speed. The essence of the micro air pump with adjustable speed is to add a deliberate air release circuit at the exhaust end of the pump, and change the actual pressure of the pipeline by accurately controlling the amount of air release. It mainly depends on a precise flow regulating valve to control the air release and also control the change of the output flow.


The above is the function of the micro air pump and how it works. I hope it can help you!

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