Precautions in use of CNHT micropump


CNHT micropump is highly praised by insiders due to its extensive use functions and high efficiency, but people do not have a special understanding of it due to the lack of popularity of its use occasions, while professionals are particularly concerned about such issues as high cost performance of CNHT micropump. Next, let the professionals introduce the precautions for using CNHT micro pump.


1. Pay attention to whether starting with load


When the CNHT micropump has vacuum at the suction port or pressure at the exhaust port before starting, another technical parameter of the pump needs to be considered. The performance of the pump shall be selected. According to the demand, the CNHT micro pump can be started when the instrument reaches the limit vacuum or when it reaches the maximum output pressure.


2. Pay attention to the medium temperature

Those who have not used or observed the CNHT micropump must not be clear. When selecting the CNHT micropump, the temperature of the medium gas passing through the pump should also be considered. Whether the ordinary type or the high-temperature type is selected. This has a great impact on the normal use of the instrument. If the low temperature is selected when high temperature is required, the effect of the instrument will be affected.


3. Pay attention to electromagnetic interference

When CNHT micropump is used, some precise circuits of scientific instruments will more or less produce some circuit interference for the control of micropump. If the anti-interference capability of the circuit is too weak, it is necessary to consider whether CNHT micro pump with low electromagnetic interference capability should be ordered to operate the project. Otherwise, if the interference ability is too strong, accurate data cannot be obtained for some important activities.


So the above are some suggestions of professionals for the use of CNHT micropump. As a very common but not public instrument, CNHT micropump cannot be recognized by ordinary people. However, professionals should be clear that the selection of a suitable CNHT micropump is critical to the overall experiment or project implementation, as is the case with any instrument.

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