CNHT micro pump_ Four advantages in the application of micro pump


CNHT micro pump is also called micro vacuum pump, or micro air pump, which is generally used in the laboratory with relevant instruments. Nowadays, micro pumps are all electric, and the motor and pump are integrated. CNHT micropump works through DC power supply, and can be divided into brush micropump and brushless micropump according to different motors.


The application advantages of CNHT micro pump mainly include:

1. Wide transmission range

The CNHT micropump has been continuously studied on the transmission range of the pump. Although the self-priming micro pump has a delicate shape design, its transmission principle draws on the science and technology of advanced liquid transport power machinery, and constantly carries out transformation according to the development characteristics of its own pump, so as to meet the expansion of the transmission range of the self-priming pump in the production process. While improving the production efficiency of the pump, it also constantly consolidates the good development of the CNHT micro pump.

2. Fast transmission speed

The transmission speed of CNHT micro pump is one of the important factors that affect which pump can be trusted. In the current industrial production, in addition to ensuring high efficiency, liquid transportation also has certain requirements on its transmission speed. The traditional self-priming pump has some bad problems, such as slow transmission speed, stuck transmission, and even midway machine stop working, which affect the process of industrial production. The internal system of CNHT micro pump was updated and upgraded, which has made considerable changes in the transmission speed of liquid, greatly improving the speed of liquid transmission in industrial production, thus better improving the efficiency of the power machinery industry.

3. Excellent workmanship

New technologies and materials are used in the production of CNHT micro pump. The CNHT micro pump is designed with adjustable pressure, which can meet the vacuum degree and gas flow rate within a certain range. The bearing is imported classic bearing, which is stable in operation, low in noise, and high in efficiency. The parts where the anti-corrosion pump contacts the gas are treated with Teflon surface, which has full chemical corrosion resistance; Convenient movement and smooth operation ensure ideal vacuum degree and high air flow rate; Small size, light weight, convenient movement, saving laboratory space, convenient maintenance; The CNHT micro pump is equipped with an automatic cooling and ventilation system, which can ensure 24-hour continuous operation.

4. Long service life

CNHT micro pump adopts frictionless membrane movement, which does not generate heat and friction loss; The diaphragm is made of imported rubber, which is corrosion resistant and has a long service life; The CNHT micropump adopts a reasonable rotation design and is equipped with an overheat power off protector, which will automatically power off when the pump body temperature reaches 130, and protect the motor from damage in case of long-term operation. The CNHT micro pump does not need any working medium and does not produce pollution. At the same time, the gas exchange chamber of this machine is equipped with filter materials, thus ensuring the purity of the air.

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