Listen to the micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump


Do you know what a miniature electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump is? Do you know its purpose? Understand its working principle, overall structure, advantages, price, etc. If you are not clear, then listen to the little knowledge about this miniature electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump!


First of all, we can look at the word "micro" for this kind of water pump, which shows that it is small and compact, and it is a pocket type water pump. What is the definition of micro water pump? Generally, the pump is composed of a motor and a pump body, and there are two interfaces on the pump body, one for inlet and one for outlet. Water can enter from the inlet and the other for outlet. This kind of pump is called a miniature pump. Are they classified? Yes, micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump


t can be divided into diaphragm pump, rotary vane pump and piston pump. This classification is based on what it is and its internal structure.


Next, I will briefly explain the working principle of the micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump. In a nutshell, the diaphragm pumps water through the back and forth movement. If the negative pressure provided by the pump inlet is greater, the pressure difference of the micro pump is greater. At this time, the height of the pump that can self suction is also higher, but there is a limit that it cannot exceed 10.3 meters. Why? Because one atmospheric pressure can only be equal to 10.3 meters at most, no matter how powerful the pump is, its functional capacity will not be so strong. This reason is related to the volume of the micro water pump, and at the same time, its power cannot be too high, which is also a defect of the micro water pump and cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is a great thing that a miniature electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump can reach a height of five meters.


What should we pay attention to when using the micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump? First, the working medium of the pump should be oil-free. The oil will wear the parts of the machine and damage its life. Then, it must be non corrosive, such as strong acid or strong alkali, which cannot be put into the pump for use. The last point is to be very careful, that is, the liquid cannot contain solid particles, otherwise the particles will remain in the pump, making it unable to run smoothly. At this time, manual maintenance is required.


In the above article, we explained the definition, classification, working principle and taboo of micro electromagnetic diaphragm booster pump. Do you understand?

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