Micro electromagnetic water pump


       As soon as the micro electromagnetic pump appeared, it was welcomed by the vast industry and customers (mainly because of its small size, low power consumption, easy to carry and oil-free and pollution-free). As we all know, there are both connections and differences between the micro electromagnetic pump and the large pump. The difference lies in some important parameters between them.



Generally speaking, medium and large water pumps can only work normally under the rated lift, rated flow and rated power. After all, too large or too small may cause failures. However, the micro electromagnetic pump is not without the rated head, rated power and so on. In actual operation, these parameters mainly depend on the size of the load, that is, the lighter the load is, the better the working condition will be, and the longer the service life of the pump will be.  


1. Opening flow of micro electromagnetic water pump. The opening flow of the micro electromagnetic pump mainly refers to the outlet of the micro electromagnetic pump. Whether it is in a fully "open" or "open" state, that is, without any resistance, it does not need to output any pressure to overcome the relevant resistance (that is, the output pressure of the pump is close to 0),


2. Suction head of micro electromagnetic water pump. The so-called "suction range" can be directly understood as the "degree of self absorption", or the "maximum self absorption height". It mainly refers to that the pump can automatically draw water to the maximum height (i.e. the vertical distance between the pump suction port and the liquid level to be pumped) without water diversion. As we all know, almost all micro electromagnetic pumps are self-priming pumps, so the marked suction head basically refers to this situation. Of course, some centrifugal pumps of a small number of companies have no self-priming capacity. However, they need to be pre watered for the first time or every time they are used, and they are also very troublesome to use.


3. Maximum lift of micro electromagnetic water pump. Regarding the maximum lift of the micro electromagnetic pump, we can also understand it as "the maximum drainage height". It mainly means that when the pump outlet is connected with a water pipe of sufficient length, the water pipe is vertically erected, and then the pump can use the output pressure to pump water to the maximum vertical height from the outlet. It should be noted that the head of the micro electromagnetic pump does not include the suction head.

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