What is the working principle of micro water pump


What is the working principle of micro water pump? You know what? Today, let's get to know


The working principle of micro water pump is as follows:


The annular movement of the micro water pump motor makes the diaphragm inside the pump reciprocate through the mechanical device, so as to compress and stretch the air in the pump chamber (fixed volume). Under the action of the one-way valve, a positive pressure is formed at the drainage port (the actual output pressure depends on the resistance of the pump drainage port and the pump characteristics); A vacuum is created at the pumping port, creating a pressure difference with the external atmospheric pressure. When the pressure difference is large, the water pressure is sent to the water inlet and then discharged from the water outlet. As the motor transmits kinetic energy, the water flow is continuously sucked in and discharged, forming a relatively stable water flow.


Because of this, the micro water pump can ensure that the self-priming height can reach 4 meters, that is, the negative pressure at the pumping port can reach - 40Kpa; MAX output pressure can reach 4kg, and MAX output flow can reach MAX16L/min; Under the condition that the water pump is unblocked (no pipe, valve or nozzle is connected), the flow can reach MAX16 L/min.


The above is a brief introduction to the working principle of the micro water pump. If you understand, you can contact us at any time!


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