CNHT micro pump_ Introduction to the operating principle of micro pump


CNHT micropump is a kind of machinery to transport medium or pressurize medium. CNHT micropump is mainly used to transport water, oil, acid-base liquid, emulsion, suspended lotion, liquid metal and other media, as well as liquid, gas mixture and liquid containing suspended solids. According to the working principle, micropumps are generally divided into positive displacement pumps, power pumps and other types of pumps. In fact, CNHT micropumps can be classified and named according to other methods besides the principle. For example, it can be divided into electric pump and water turbine pump according to the driving method; According to the structure, it can be divided into single-stage pump and multi-stage pump; It can be divided into boiler feed pump and metering pump according to the purpose; It can be divided into water pump, oil pump and mud pump according to the nature of liquid conveyed.


Operation principle of CNHT micropump: the circular motion of CNHT micropump motor makes the diaphragm inside the pump reciprocating through the mechanical device, so as to compress and stretch the air in the pump chamber (fixed volume). Under the action of one-way valve, Forming positive pressure at the outlet (The actual output pressure is related to the power assisted at the pump outlet and the characteristics of the pump. A vacuum is formed at the pump outlet of the CNHT micro pump, resulting in a pressure difference with the external atmospheric pressure. Under the effect of the pressure difference, the water is put into the water inlet and then discharged from the drain outlet. Under the effect of the kinetic energy transmitted by the motor, the water is continuously sucked in and discharged, forming a more stable flow. The CNHT micro pump usually lifts, delivers or makes liquid The machines that increase the pressure of the body, that is, turn the mechanical energy of the prime mover into liquid energy so as to achieve the purpose of pumping liquid are collectively called pumps.


The CNHT micro pump is generally composed of a driving part+a pump body. The pump body of the CNHT micro pump has two interfaces, one inlet and one outlet. The water enters from the water inlet and the other outlet. Any small and compact pump in this form is called a micro pump, also called a micro pump. The CNHT micro pump transmits the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid to increase the liquid energy. It is mainly used to transport liquids, including water, oil, acid-base liquid, emulsion, suspended lotion, liquid metal, etc. It can also transport liquids, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids.

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