CNHT micro pump_ Application Advantages of Micro pump in Industry


It is mainly used for water treatment, environmental protection, medical treatment, industrial control, scientific research laboratory, etc., and needs to meet the requirements of small size, low noise, low power consumption, etc. It can be widely used for lifting, transfer, pressurization, spray, spraying, water circulation, transportation and other purposes. The CNHT micro pump mainly uses the circular motion of the motor to make the diaphragm inside the pump reciprocating through the mechanical device, so as to compress and stretch the air in the pump chamber. Under the action of the one-way valve, a positive pressure is formed at the drainage outlet (the actual output pressure is related to the power assisted by the pump drainage outlet and the pump characteristics). The CNHT micropump forms a vacuum at the water pumping port, thus producing a pressure difference with the ambient atmospheric pressure. Under the effect of pressure difference, the water pressure will enter the water inlet and then be discharged from the water outlet. Under the action of kinetic energy transferred by the motor, the CNHT micro pump continuously absorbs and discharges water, forming a relatively stable flow.

Advantages of CNHT micro pump application in industry:

1. Excellent quality

The appearance and quality of industrial CNHT micropumps are quite different from ordinary pumps. The micropumps will have longer performance in continuous operation, stability and service life under heavy load.

2. Less noise

The industrial CNHT micro pump can operate continuously day and night, and the noise will not change too much; Keep low noise

3. Longer service life

Industrial grade CNHT micro pump can work continuously for thousands of hours under full load, and high-quality micro pump can operate for thousands of hours.

It can be seen from the above points that CNHT micropump has the characteristics of excellent quality, low noise and long service life. The application of CNHT micropump in industry is more economical and practical. Users can also choose the micropump with corresponding parameters according to their own needs and budget.

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