CNHT micro pump_ Three common problems in the use of micro pump


The choice of CNHT micro pump mainly depends on the two main parameters of flow and output pressure. Under the condition that these two parameters are similar, the lower the power consumption of the pump is, the better. It illustrates that the pump has high power, most of the energy is running, and the very intuitive performance is low heating and low temperature rise. The motor of some micro air pumps will be very hot after running for a period of time, which will prove that the power of this pump is low and most of the electric energy is consumed in heating.

Reference for parameters of common problems of CNHT micro pump:

1. The pumping speed of the CNHT micropump, that is, the flow rate. This element is very well understood. The faster the pumping speed is, the faster the vacuum occurs in the container, and the faster the water can flow into the container.

2. Vacuum degree of CNHT micropump. The better the vacuum degree of the pump is, the less gas is left in the closed container, the thinner the gas is, the greater the pressure difference between the container and the external environment, the greater the pressure on the water, and the faster the activity. This is simply ignored by most people.

3. The size of the CNHT micropump container. The larger the container is, the slower the vacuum is formed, and the longer the time to reach a higher vacuum degree, so the water absorption speed will be slower.

CNHT micropump is mainly restricted by the above three factors. Of course, there are other elements, such as the length of the pipe, the size of the inner hole, the resistance of the gas and liquid circuit elements, etc., but these elements are usually fixed. It is simply misunderstood by many people that it is necessary to disconnect the container from the external water source first, let the closed container form a vacuum first, and then open the water inlet pipeline before pumping water. It is unnecessary to do this, unless the container is large and the flow and vacuum of the vacuum pump are very low.

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