CNHT micro pump_ Introduction to the use and characteristics of micro pump


It is determined according to the CNHT micro pump function and selected according to its own needs. Generally, high-quality CNHT micro pump products can operate continuously for more than 1000 hours without failure, and some can even run for thousands of hours. Special attention shall be paid to the fact that this parameter is measured under full load and uninterrupted operation, which is a very bad working condition. If the actual use of CNHT micro pump is not full load or continuous operation, this value will be higher, depending on the working condition of the pump. The performance of CNHT micro pump is a test of the technical strength of the manufacturer. From the appearance of the product, we can see some things, such as the use of special motors instead of ordinary low-cost motors, and the weight is heavier when the volume is equivalent. In addition, we can also know something about the product price.

Different CNHT micropumps have different principles, according to which their applications can be distinguished. CNHT micropumps are widely used, mainly for air pumping, air suction, long-term vacuum pumping, portable instrument gas sampling, sampling, gas circulation, mobile, handheld devices and other gas sampling, object adsorption, vacuum pressure maintaining, etc.

The CNHT micro pump has the following characteristics:

1. Long service life

CNHT micro pump can achieve "full function"; The duty cycle can be used to regulate the motor speed and change the output flow of the pump. The flow is always stable during operation, and the speed can be adjusted at will.

2. Low annoyance:

The CNHT micro pump will not have clutter to pollute the power supply, disturb the electronic components, or disturb the control circuit.

3. Self provided double protection for overheating and overload:

Even if the CNHT micro pump works continuously for 24 hours under full load for a long time, it can ensure that the pump body is not damaged and has perfect self-protection function; It is especially suitable for occasions where continuous work is required.

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