Operation of electromagnetic water pump system





Initial state (no power)

1. Set the left end of the iron core as vacuum chamber 1, with volume of V1 and pressure of P1.

2. Set the right end of iron core as vacuum chamber 2, with volume of V2 and pressure of P2.

3. Set the external air pressure to P.

4. In the initial state without power on, the pressure spring fixes the iron core at the leftmost end, the air pressure of the vacuum chamber in the water pump P1=P2=P (consistent with the external atmospheric pressure), and the volume V1 of vacuum chamber 1 is at the minimum value.


Pressure: refers to the pressure per unit area. In a sealed container, the pressure of air or liquid inside the container on the unit internal surface area is the pressure. When the volume becomes larger or smaller, the pressure will become smaller or larger in inverse proportion.


The common pressure unit is Bar, 1Bar=0.1M Pa=14.5Psi=0.98kg/c ㎡;



Start power on state

When energized, under the action of electromagnetic field, the iron core moves to the right, the volume V1 of vacuum chamber 1 in the water pump becomes larger, that is, its pressure P1 becomes smaller, and the volume V2 of vacuum chamber 2 in the water pump becomes smaller, that is, its pressure P2 becomes larger, at this time P1<P<P2;


The iron core continues to move to the right, the pressure P1 of vacuum chamber 1 becomes the minimum, the pressure P2 of vacuum chamber 2 becomes the maximum, the one-way valve B is opened, and the air flows from vacuum chamber 2 to vacuum chamber 1, and the balance P2=P1 is reached.



The state when the power is just cut off (half of the waveform is cut off by the diode)

The force of the electromagnetic field disappears, and the rebound force generated by the pressure spring will push the iron core to move to the left, causing the volume V1 of vacuum chamber 1 to decrease, the pressure P1 to increase (P1>P), and the one-way valve A to open, and the air flows from vacuum chamber 1 to the outside.


When the power supply is continuously on/off, repeat the above steps. When the air in the two vacuum chambers in the pump body is completely discharged, a negative pressure vacuum is formed. The external atmospheric pressure is stronger than the pressure in the pump body, and water enters the pump under the action of atmospheric pressure, so that it is continuously pumped from the right to the left by the pump.






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The electromagnetic water pump must work with a diode connected in series. After the 50Hz/60Hz sinusoidal alternating current passes through the diode, part of the reverse voltage is cut off. Within a period, half of the electric field is connected, and the other half is not connected, which means there is no electricity. This is a half wave rectification using the unidirectional conductivity of the diode.

Electromagnetic pump is a kind of liquid pump designed with electromagnetic field principle. The electromagnetic pump is similar to the ordinary solenoid valve. It uses alternating current as the working power. The current forms an alternating fixed magnetic field through the electromagnetic winding, which interacts with the movable pump body to drive the pump body to vibrate and drive the liquid output.